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We are a cost effective, friendly firm that try to help all stakeholders in the insolvency process whether you are a Director, Individual, Accountant, Solicitor, Creditor, Employee, Customer. We are here to help.

At Taylor Insolvency we are helping people and companies through some very troubling circumstances to make the proverbial lemonade out of the lemons.

We never charge for the first meeting and are always happy to take any enquiry, problem on so do not hesitate to give us a call and speak to one of our friendly team.


  • To be free from majority of the debts
  • Restart your life and business
  • Free from creditors' chasing debts
  • Restart your life and business



Bankruptcy is not the end of your business or professional life, it is the end of unsustainable debt. At Taylor Insolvency we will work with you where we can to keep your family home within your family and with you to ensure that the Bankruptcy process is a healing process for you and your creditors and not a combative one.

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At Taylor insolvency we provide fast effective relief from crippling debt that is hamstringing companies by entering companies into either Liquidations or Voluntary Administrations. Where ever possible we will always try to maintain the value of the business and the assist the company in its restructure so all stake holders can move forward with a fresh start.

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If you still have the ability to pay some debts whilst need to negotiate with creditors to settle the debts, you may choses:

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Voluntary Administrations
Small Business Restructuring Plans
Informal Restructures
Personal Insolvency Agreements
Section 73 Proposals
Negotiating Insolvent Trading, forced house sales and other claims with other Liquidators
Section 66G Conveyancing Act Appointments


Justine JonesJustine Jones
00:20 19 Aug 20
Josh is calm and professional and resolves problems in a compassionate and efficient way. Very good firm.
Alan WilliamsAlan Williams
23:26 20 Jan 20
Joshua is straight forward and trustworthy with his advise. We rely heavily on Josh for the right advise and help with our clients if Bankruptcy becomes necessary. Couldn't recommend Josh more highly.Alan Fast Debt Help
Steve MortonSteve Morton
05:02 13 Mar 19
Referred business associates to Josh in the past and he has always helped them out really well. Good bloke to deal with also. I would recommend Josh.


Josh Taylor

I was lucky enough to have enough people in my life to help teach me from when I started in insolvency back in 2003, to a point where I was able to become a Registered Trustee, Registered Liquidator and have an opportunity to start a new practice. I take great joy in helping many individuals through the bankruptcy process and many directors through the voluntary administration and liquidation process. I have worked across all industry sectors and have a great team around me both inside and outside Taylor Insolvency whom are a great resource I draw upon to obtain the desired result. I would be remiss if I did not mention those who helped me through the study years as well, in particular my wife who was a great teacher during my Bachelor of Laws and Commerce and all those who worked with me through the CA and ARITA courses.

Brett Harrison

Brett is an insolvency practitioner and Registered Bankruptcy Trustee of 44 years experience. He is currently a principal with Taylor Insolvency and a member of the Association of Independent Insolvency Practitioners (AIIP). Prior to entering into private practice in 2000 he was the Official Receiver for the Bankruptcy District of the State of Tasmania. He has previously been a Registered Liquidator, a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, a Fellow of CPA Australia and a member of the Australian Restructuring Insolvency and Turnaround Association (ARITA).

Glenn Ashcroft

Glenn is an experienced Corporate Insolvency and Bankruptcy Specialist who holds 40 years' experience in business and insolvency. Glenn understands how the business world works. He commenced his career in Banking and Finance, then held multi-national management roles in accounting, treasury, credit control, sales and marketing, mergers and acquisitions and eBusiness and Sourcing. From there it was a natural progression into Insolvency and Business Reconstruction holding senior Principal and Director roles in several mid-tier and large firms. Glenn’s multi-disciplinary knowledge and experience has seen him advise on all forms of statutory and non statutory regimes across all types of appointments. Glenn is B. Bus FCPA FIPA ARITA qualified. Glenn can be contacted on 0418 505 003 or [email protected]

Rebecca Hindson

Rebecca resides in Victoria and is our central contact for all Victorian matters. She has been in the insolvency industry since 2009 holding a bachelor of arts, juris doctor of law and a master of business law and has completed her ARITA course. She is solution driven who is always exceeding her clients and stakeholders expectations with her practical and clever solutions. Staying with her clients from the first phone call until the finalisation of the appointment. Rebecca is our central consultant for all our Victorian matters, being a native Victorian with deep local, social and professional ties. She also maintains an extensive practice throughout the Eastern Seaboard of Australia. Rebecca’s email is [email protected] and her mobile is 0420 332 195.

Troy Graham

Troy joined Taylor Insolvency in 2022, bringing with him 14 years’ experience in insolvency and restructuring engagements. Troy previously held a senior position in a mid-tier firm, where he was involved in a diverse and complex range of corporate insolvency administrations including Liquidations, Voluntary Administrations, Deeds of Company Arrangements and Receiverships.

Troy has significant expertise across of range of industries including logistics, warehousing, property, construction, retail, manufacturing, infrastructure, mining, technology and biotech. As a specialist in insolvency and business recovery, Troy’s passion is to provide timely, efficient and commercial advice and solutions to various stakeholders of distressed companies including directors, financiers, employees, unsecured creditors and their respective professional advisers.

Amanpreet Bawa

Amanpreet Bawa has been a Chartered Accountant since 2008 working in different places from multinational companies to the local boutique taxation advisory firms. Amanpreet Bawa is somewhat of a rising star of the firm who is always available for her clients / stakeholders and the firm to help out wherever needed.

Rebecca Chen

Rebecca Chen has a master degree in Commerce. She is a Chartered Accountant and a member of ARITA. She has over 6 years experience in insolvency working with Josh Taylor at various firms in the industry. She is very efficient and great and getting things done. She has her CA and ARITA qualifications.

Domenica McDonnell

Domenica McDonnell is a Registered Debt Agreement Administrator whose areas of expertise are certification and regulation. Domenica has over 15 years of personal insolvency experience, a bachelor of business (Accounting) and is a professional member of ARITA.

Yan Zhu